Fertility Supplements

Welcome to Generational Health. Generational Health is the place where faith and works meet! This is the place where we will connect and agree with what God has commanded us to do. We want to not only touch and agree with your faith but we want to pray with you, for you, and provide you with some key things that will be instrumental in and for your conception.

Its not too late!

Go and read the story of Abraham in Genesis 17. God's timing is not always in our timing but when we are faithful to God, he will be faithful to us. The future is inside of you, waiting for your faith to line up with your expectations!

God will bless !

God is faithful to keep his word so don't laugh just yet. It seemed laughable that God was going to cause Abraham and Sarah to conceive a child but God was faithful to keep his word. God commanded us to be fruitful and to multiply. Let your works match your faith and God will do the rest!